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Handmade Sunglasses with Real Wood Construction

Made from authentic wood which makes every pair unique. All the wood we use are sourced from sustainable resources.

You'll be surprised how incredibly light each pair is.

Enhance your style and vision.

Our sunglasses are handmade from sustainable wood. Each pair is light, comfortable, and come with polarized lenses. Our bamboo and wood sunglasses rival designer brands. How many people do you know with authentic wood sunglasses?


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Real Wood

All of our sunglasses are made from real wood. Many brands use imitation wood grain with plastic or a printed overlay.


Genuine Polarized Lenses.

Each and every pair comes with UV400 lenses rated for protection against visible light and UV protection.

Available in dark tint or mirror varieties.


Double Spring Construction.

Each pair comes with a double spring hinge. Allowing the the hinges to bend past 90 degrees. Pretty cool right? It prevents the arms from putting too much pressure on the face and head and allows the arms to bend instead of break.


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Natural Wood Sunglasses

Our natural wood sunglasses are made from 15 layers of Veneer wood creating the strongest and thinnest wood sunglasses on the market!

Bamboo Wood Sunglasses

Our 100% Bamboo Wayfarer Style Sunglasses. Floats in the water! Custom Design sold exclusively by Southernmost Shades. Every Pair is finished and assembled by hand.

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