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Wood Frame Sunglasses for Men & Women

Real Wood Construction with Polarized Lenses

  • SandalWood with Dark lenses Flat Top Sunglasses - (55mm Lenses) Size Large
    SandalWood with Dark lenses Flat Top Sunglasses - (55mm Lenses) Size Large -
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  • Black Oak Aviators with Dark Lenses - (55 mm Lenses) Size Large
    Black Oak Aviators with Dark Lenses - (55 mm Lenses) Size Large -
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  • Hybrid Sunglasses with Teak Arms & Dark Lenses - (54 mm Lenses) Size Medium
    Hybrid Sunglasses with Teak Arms & Dark Lenses - (54 mm Lenses) Size Medium -
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  • Hybrid Sunglasses with Teak Arms & Blue Mirror Lenses - (54 mm Lenses) Size Medium
    Hybrid Sunglasses with Teak Arms & Blue Mirror Lenses - (54 mm Lenses) Size Medium -
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All of our Wood Frame Sunglasses have No Hassle Returns!

If you don’t love your shades just send us a email within 30 days and we will send you a PREPAID Return Shipping Envelope.

We understand the difficulties in buying Sunglasses online that you haven’t tried before so we take all returns within 30 days of purchase.

No Questions Asked!

It doesn’t matter if you are buying these for yourself or bought them as a gift and they aren’t a fan.

Just send us a email through the Contact page and we will respond within 12 hrs. GUARANTEED!

No Hassle Returns. FREE Return Shipping. No waiting at the Post Office to Mail them back.


Keith Allen

Owner at -Southernmost Shades

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I ordered these glasses because I really liked the look, and was pleasantly surprised to find that they're extremely comfortable. They feel and look great, and I much prefer them to the Raybans I had before this. Exceptional value, great look, top comfort, polarized and highly recommended.

Collin Dwyer

Wood frame sunglasses are better than I expected! They fit very well on my and do not slide down my nose constantly (an issue I have with many Ray Bans). They seem durable and the lenses are clear viewing and the blue mirror tint is very sharp. Goes well with my new wooden watch!

Reggie Anderson

A versatile pair of wood frame sunglasses that I use almost every day. They fit well on your face and stay in place- even when you are on the move. I have had mine for well over a year and a half and they still are in excellent condition. The wooden design gives them a unique touch and clearly has held up well. Southernmost Shades are my go-to!

Alison Pettit


Question: Is there a minimum order for Free Shipping?

All Orders Ship FREE!

Question: If I don't like the shades what is the return policy?

We offer No Hassle / No Questions returns. We will send you a prepaid envelope to send your shades back to us! Just place in your mailbox for Postal to pickup.

Question: Are the lenses polarized?

Every pair of our Real Wood Sunglasses come with Genuine Polarized Lenses of the same quality you would find in brands that cost 2x to 3x our prices. 

Question: Are these made in the US?

We partner with overseas companies for creation of the frames and lenses and then do final assembly and inspection in the US. 

Question: Are Wood Frame Sunglasses Durable?

Absolutely! We recommend being slightly careful with these as the Wood Grain can scratch and dent.

Question:Do your Wooden Sunglasses float?

Unfortunately none of the Wood Frame Sunglasses we offer float in water.


These frames are Amazing.
I went through some other online retailers looking for wood frames. They came in the mail and were painted plastic frames. Very disappointing.
After returning those, I found these wooden sunglasses online. They are so well crafted, light and comfortable. I was kind of skeptical after my previous purchase but was delighted when I opened these up and tried them on.

Matt Finley

I have owned and own more than a few pairs of high end sunglasses. These for the price are better than most that I have owned. The hinges make for a comfortable experience all day that when I go indoors I sometimes forget that I have them on. I get complimented all the time by the look and the wood is not just a novelty as they are strong as well. I wouldn't think twice about buying these for a friend.

Mike Copeland

I originally bought a pair for my brother as a Christmas gift. After seeing his and trying them on, I had to buy myself a pair. I have the ebony frames with the blue mirror lenses and love them. They even match my ebony EDC pen that I made! I have a big head, so finding sunglasses that fit and feel right has been a struggle. I've owned several $200+ pairs of sunglasses and these Sothernmost Shades are right there with them. I DO recommend them and WILL be getting more. And they're polarized!

Brian Snyder

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About Southernmost Shades

When I started Southernmost Shades I wanted sunglasses that one would be proud to wear. Shades that were unique and that could be considered a piece of art. The options that most people find when buying sunglasses are the cheap $10 to $15 dollar pairs that one could purchase at the gas station, and then of course the name brand designer sunglasses one can buy at the mall for $150 to $200.

There are very few options for that mid-price point of $45 to $90 for sunglasses. We wanted to create sunglasses that had the lens quality of the name brand designer shades, but without the designer price tag. We knew that the market needed a mid-level price point for quality shades.

Most of our Sunglasses utilize metal or acetate in their construction. Many of our competitors only create 100% wood sunglasses and we instead opted for a hybrid approach with our styles. This has allowed us to offer a wider variety of styles such as aviators and metal/wood hybrid sunglasses.

Typically other Wooden Sunglasses brands only offer Wayfarer style shades which is also the only style that we initially offered, but found that we were alienating a lot of our customers that preferred a mix of styles such as aviator, round, flat top, and cat eye shaped.

All of our styles utilize a unique multi-layer construction with the wood. This is something that we discovered as a necessity early on as solid wood sunglasses tend to break easier due to natural variations in the wood grain and temperature changes that occur when left in a hot car.

We are a small business with unbeatable customer service and amazing shades. Check out our Risk Free Guarantee and give our sunglasses a try!

Shades with Character

Perfect Gift!

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After trying several pairs of Wood Sunglasses from a few different brands. Southernmost Shades Wooden Sunglasses were the only pair that had the quality and build of a high end pair of shades you would buy at the mall. These would easily sell for $180 - $200 in a department store

Lucas Moore

I have done a serious amount of looking for a relatively affordable yet high quality pair of wooden sunglasses that wear well, look good, last long and that also do NOT have some company name that is obviously straight from google translate. After multiple different poor purchase decisions, I finally came across this listing. With these Southernmost shades I feel I have finally found what I have been looking for.

Brent Daughtery

This company has my service for life. I'll tell anyone and everyone I know looking for glasses about Southernmost. On a whim I reach out through the company's main site about a replacement or something for my 5th pair (don't judge I'm clumsy) of shades. The arm, at no fault of my own (this time) just happened to break. Freak accident, first time I've had a serious hardware issue that wasn't self inflicted since I got my first pair.

Sarah Costa

FAQ 2.0

Question: Do your Sunglasses have plastic?

All of our sunglasses utilize either Real Wood or Cellulose Acetate which is a high quality product derived from plants.

Question: Do you have any Wood Frame Sunglasses for Women?

Of Course! We offer both Men’s Wood Sunglasses Styles & Women’s Wood Sunglasses

Question: What size sunglasses do you offer?

We offer a variety of sizes and shapes to fit all face sizes. We have everything from 50mm Lens Sunglasses to 55mm Lens Sunglasses.

Question: Your prices are more expensive than some other brands. Can you tell us why?

Our Shades are Premium Quality, and utilize the Best Materials in all our Sunglasses. Plus all of our Shades have Genuine Polarized Lenses.

Question: I love your Sunglasses! Do you have an Affiliate Program?

Not currently, but might in the future.

Question: Are Wooden Frame Sunglasses as durable as Plastic or Acetate Sunglasses?

Wooden Sunglasses are slight more delicate than traditional shades and some extra care must be taken to ensure long term use.


These glasses were an anniversary gift to my husband since 5 years is the year of wood I thought these were perfect and they were! Great flat top sunglasses! Nice frames with authentic wood grain. He constantly got complements on them.

Alexis Donovan

I love these wooden sunglasses. They are exactly what I was looking for - a nice wood frame and super light. I've gotten a number of compliments on them already, but more importantly, I just like how they fit and feel. I wore them on a road trip and contrary to other sunglasses I have, they never bothered me or felt too heavy after a few hours. You can spend a lot more on sunglasses that aren't nearly as good.

Landon Elam

Great quality real wood sunglasses. I work in an industry that requires sunglasses pretty much anytime I am on the clock and these have been a life saver. They are light weight making them comfortable to wear all day. Sent the company an email with a question and got a response the same day, great customer service! Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.

Bobby Turner

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